I enjoy capturing the spirit of everything I see, especially people. The light that shines, sometimes beaming, sometimes soft, sometimes camouflaged is what I am called to share. 

The gift was given to me as a kid to sit and be with people and places. My dad would have the family sit by the banks of the Mississippi river on steamy afternoons in New Orleans. We would catch the air off the water and watch the barges go by-- sitting and watching and taking in the beauty. Dad would talk about the boat's birth, stories about the water, answer our questions, and share memories from his experiences. Whether I realized it then or could put it into words -- that was exactly where I wanted to be. I was enjoying it all--the place, the people, the being a part of, all of it.

In addition to making art, I love playing roller derby, walking with my husband, and adventuring with friends. 

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